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You are identifying a market need and developing a concept for how the need can be addressed with a new product or technology.
In other words, you have an idea and you’re just starting out.
You are defining customer requirements and validating your business model by engaging customers and funders to support business development and commercialization.
In other words, you’re starting to build your business and understand your customers.
You are validating your product in a customer and/or commercial environment and you are working to achieve customer buy-in.
In other words, you’ve made your first sale and are working to build your customer base and refine your business.
You are launching a commercial product/service and securing one or more paying customers. You have developed clear business, operational, and financial plans but your product/service may require additional refinements to optimize cost, support scaleup, or reach new customers.
In other words, you’re making sales in a more traditional business setting and continue to improve your product/service.
You are demonstrating sales growth and profitability and have executed a comprehensive business plan.
In other words, you have a clear plan that is helping you actively grow your sales, hire employees and make a profit.

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